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Photo of Rachel's student Michael, who is also now a professional cellist

"I have found great success due to the efforts that Rachel has provided me. I credit her with all I have achieved in my cello journey. She has provided me the motivation, the tools, and the spirit for success. She has given me more than any other teacher I’ve ever had in my life and I am confident I will not let her down and join into the ranks of the many wonderful professional cellist of Los Angeles and across the globe.” - Michael Esquer 

Photo of student Marshall K. playing his cello.

“After over two years of working with Rachel, I can wholeheartedly say that she is an amazing teacher. She is patient and kind but also knows how to push her students to higher levels. She has high expectations, and her steady guidance has been vital in my journey and growth as a musician. Also, her teaching strategy is perfect for people of all ages, and she knows exactly what to say to just about anyone to motivate them to succeed. I recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking to expand their skills as a cellist and as a musician.” - Marshall Koster

Photo of Rachel's cello lesson student

“I’ve been amazed at my daughter's progress and how her passion for playing has grown exponentially. Rachel uses creative techniques to get her students to play with emotion. She inspires and encourages her students to do better and work hard. Rachel is patient, she’ll spend as much as needed to work through a difficult piece. She wants them to grow as musicians and enjoy the process of improving. Her students are with her because they want to be there and to me, that’s the sign of a wonderful teacher - someone who can pass on their love of music and the satisfaction and joy of playing an instrument.” - Hillary Fogelson

Photo of Luc Basset, a student of Rachel's, posing with his instrument

“Rachel has been teaching my son and now, myself, for almost four years. She is very good at assessing a student’s abilities and interests and adjusts her lessons accordingly. Rachel makes the lessons fun and challenging. She is a gifted musician but also highly skilled at teaching. And, she is fair but firm with her students, and I respect that very much. The Suzuki Method she teaches applies the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music which includes parent responsibility, loving encouragement, and constant repetition. We highly recommend Rachel as a teacher and musician.” - Laura Basset


“My son Sammy decided he wanted to become a cellist when he was two years old and met Rachel for the first time. He started weekly lessons with her when he was six, and has never looked back. Rachel understands how to teach in a fun, caring and effective way from the earliest beginnings to the advanced high school levels and beyond. Sammy has changed so much over these eight years, but his relationship with his beloved teacher has just grown along with him. We cannot recommend Rachel more highly - she is not just our son's teacher, but like family to us.” - Shana Glassman

Tea H is taking cello lessons from cellist and musicianRachel Coosaia

“Rachel is a consummate professional who emphasizes technique and musicality while keeping the lessons fun for kids. Always kind and patient, Rachel nonetheless has high standards and is able to identify and focus on what my child needs to improve at any given moment. My daughter has been taking cello with Rachel for two years and her playing has improved dramatically. She looks forward to her lesson every week. We feel fortunate that a musician as skilled and talented as Rachel is available to teach our daughter. Thank you, Rachel for all the time, care, and preparation you put into every lesson.” - Jen Berman

Cello student, Christian.

“Rachel has played a big role in Christian’s impressionable years. We can’t thank her enough for her sincere care and support she has given. Christian has applied the lessons he learned from Rachel in regards to discipline, working to his potential, never giving up, and being a leader, to different parts of his life including his academics. He really looks up to Rachel and has the utmost respect for her. We can’t thank her enough.” - Taline and Arden Y. 

A group of Rachel Coosaia's students pose for a photo together

“My daughter has been studying the cello with Rachel for over three years now.  Rachel’s calm and warm professionalism makes every lesson a joy for my daughter. She has helped her deepen her study of the instrument and improved her technique and tone immensely.  Rachel also makes the hour fun every week which makes my daughter eager to come back every time.  We are so lucky to have found her!” - Laura Ross

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